National Survey of Student Engagement at UIUC

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) was created in the early 2000s to better understand undergraduate students’ perception of institutional support for behaviors that lead to student success and to gauge students’ participation in these activities. Specifically, according to the organization that administers NSSE, “student engagement represents two critical features of collegiate quality. The first is the amount of time and effort students put into their studies and other educationally purposeful activities. The second is how institutional resources, courses, and other learning opportunities facilitate student participation in activities that matter to student learning.” The survey is administered to first year students and seniors at both public and private four-year colleges and universities. The University of Illinois has offered NSSE about every three years since 2003. The dashboard presentation here is from the latest administration of the survey in 2015.

NSSE Dashboard Restricted to full-time faculty and staff.

The NSSE Dashboard provides an interactive way for faculty and staff to review the survey results, allowing for the units to look at results by college, department, international student status, gender, and race/ethnicity. You cannot view categories when fewer than 10 responses are available.

Summaries - NSSE Surveys

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2015 NSSE Snapshot  
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